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  • Machiraju, Raghu; Kent, L. N.; Rakijas, J. B.; Pandit, S. K.; Westendorp, B.; Chen, H.; Huntington, J. T.; Tang, X.; Bae, S.; Srivastava, A.; Senapati, S.; Koivisto, C.; Martin, C. K.; Cuitino, M. C.; Perez, M.; Matondo, R. B. (The American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2016-08-01)
    E2F-mediated transcriptional repression of cell cycle–dependent gene expression is critical for the control of cellular proliferation, survival, and development. E2F signaling also interacts with transcriptional programs ...
  • Matondo, R. B.; Toussaint, M. J. M.; Govaert, K.M.; Vuuren, L. D.; Nantasanti, S.; Nijkamp, M. W.; Pandit, S. K.; Tooten, P. C. J.; Koster, M. H.; Holleman, K.; Schot, A.; Gu, G.; Spee, B.; Roskams, T.; Borel, R. I.; Schotanus, B.; Kranenburg, O.; de Bruin, A. (2016-08-23)
    The long term prognosis of liver cancer patients remains unsatisfactory because of cancer recurrence after surgical interventions, particularly in patients with viral infections. Since hepatitis B and C viral proteins ...

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