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  • Godoy, F. L.; Tabor, K.; Burgess, N. D.; Mbilinyi, B. P.; Kashaigili, J. P.; Steininger, M. K. (Foundation for Environmental Conservation, 2011)
    Conversion of forest to other land uses is a major contributor to climate change. The coastal forests of Tanzania have increasingly been recognized as being of global biodiversity importance, due to high rates of species ...
  • Tabor, K.; Burgess, N. D.; Mbilinyi, B. P.; Kashaigili, J. J.; Steininger, M. K. (Nature Kenya/East African Natural History Society, 2010)
    Forest and woodland cover and change were calculated for the Zanzibar-Inhambane biogeographical region of Tanzania and Kenya from ~1990 to ~2000. A cover and change map was derived from high-resolution satellite imagery ...
  • Burgess, N. D.; Malugu, I.; Sumbi, P.; Kashindye, A.; Kijazi, A.; Tabor, K.; Mbilinyi, B. P.; Kashaigili, J. J.; Wright, T. M.; Gereau, R. E.; Coad, L.; Knights, K.; Carr, J.; Jeahrends, A.; Newh, R. L. (Cambridge CB3 0DL, UK, 2016)
    We present an analysis of changes of state, pres- sures and conservation responses over 20 years in the Tanzanian portion of the Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa biodiversity hotspot. Baseline data collected during ...

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